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Huntington, Huntington & Huntington, PLLC, is a firm whose lawyers practice in the fields of Criminal Defense, Divorce, and Post-Divorce Issues.

General Information

John and Naomi will unwaveringly practice with commitment to the highest ethical standards and are committed to addressing the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals.


Consultations for criminal law matters are scheduled with Naomi R. Huntington. There is no charge for initial consultations in criminal law matters.

Consultations involving divorce and post-divorce issues are scheduled with John S. Huntington. Fees for these consultations will be discussed at the time of the scheduling of the meeting. For certain consultations, such as developing an agreement or discussions regarding an uncontested no-fault divorce proceeding, it is likely that there will be no consultation fee. For a more comprehensive consultation involving the need for a detailed analysis, a standard consultation fee is $400.00.

General Approach to Trial Practice

Huntington, Huntington & Huntington, PLLC, looks forward to having you as a client and assisting you with your particular needs. As a client of Huntington, Huntington & Huntington, PLLC, you may count on your attorneys using their best efforts to achieve favorable results. Every effort will be made to handle your case promptly, efficiently, and professionally. You may count on having an understanding of the status of your case at all times and having had input into the plan or strategy employed to achieve your goals. You will be provided with copies of all pleadings and correspondence. Your privacy will be respected.

Whenever practicable, family law issues will be approached in a manner designed to reduce conflict to the fullest extent possible. The best interests of children will be considered and attempts will be made to help parents avoid acrimony as issues associated with children are resolved.

Clients will learn about alternate dispute resolution techniques, specifically including mediation, arbitration, Collaborative practice, and Cooperative practice.

As a family law litigator, John will utilize “constructive advocacy” and bring forward a problem-solving approach to resolving difficult issues. He will strive to maintain cordiality with opposing counsel as he strongly advocates for his client’s goals.

Naomi strives to provide compassionate, vigorous advocacy for all of her clients, regardless of financial background or criminal history.

Office Location

7 Radford St

Christiansburg, VA 24073

Criminal: (540) 685-0695 Divorce: (540) 274-1146

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Fill out the contact form or call us to schedule your initial consultation. Please call (540) 685-0695 for criminal defense matters or (540) 274-1146 for divorce and post-divorce issues.

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