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Initial Consultations

Initial consultations for criminal law matters are scheduled with Naomi R. Huntington (540) 685-0695. There is no charge for initial consultations in criminal law matters.

Initial consultations in matters pertaining to divorce and postdivorce issues, pension distribution, and support are scheduled with John S. Huntington (540-274-1146). Fees for the consultation will be discussed during the scheduling of the consultation.

Fees for Services

Marital and Family Law Matters

John S. Huntington’s standard rate is $350.00 per hour, plus costs.

While generally fees for family law cases will be billed on an hourly basis, there are certain matters that are billed at a flat rate. Billing will be discussed during initial consultations.

Criminal Law Cases

Naomi R. Huntington’s rate will be determined by the nature and complexity of the particular proceeding. Naomi Huntington generally charges a flat rate for representation in criminal law cases.


Clients are responsible for costs associated with their cases (i.e. fees for filing, service, investigations, appraisals, business valuations, forensic work by accountants, custody evaluations, mediation etc.). Generally speaking, if the services of an expert are required, clients will be required to make an additional advance payment to cover the anticipated costs for the expert’s services.

Advance Payments

Advance payments will be discussed during the initial consultation. An advance payment will be required to secure future representation by Huntington, Huntington & Huntington, PLLC.

A client’s advance payment will be deposited into the firm’s trust account on the client’s behalf. Fees will be debited from the advance payment as fees are earned; costs will be debited from the advance payment as costs are incurred.

In family law cases, any unused portion of the advance payment will be refunded to the client at the conclusion of the case. In the event that a client’s advance payment is insufficient to cover fees and costs, an additional advance payment will be requested.

Naomi R. Huntington will discuss payment schedules with clients on a case-by-case basis.


In family law cases with hourly billing, invoices are transmitted to clients approximately every six weeks, generally via email, and more frequently upon request.

Pay Online Tab

Fees for services may be paid online using the online tab on this website.

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